When I was setting up my blog, WordPress asked me what the blog was about. It had a bunch of choices like Lifestyle, and Education and Organization, and Books and Writing, and Arts and Entertainment. I spent a lot of time going back and forth on these categories, and the one I did end up choosing didn’t really fully capture how I wanted to define my blog.

The truth is that this blog isn’t about anything but is about everything. It’s a deeper examination of all my hobbies, which includes things that fall under all the categories that WordPress tries to separate. I wanted to eventually write about the books I read, the languages I learn, the journalings I do, interesting recipes I try, and any and all things that I choose to pause and think about as I attempt to live life more mindfully. Now let’s see how we’ll do with music.

I also spent way more time picking a user name. For my very first WordPress blog, which I’ve since abandoned, I picked something I thought was clever and inside-joke-y but was really stupid, to the point that I was ashamed of it every time I had to give it to someone or comment on other blogs and see it there. I thought I knew what I wanted to called this one but ended up picking a related but different name: casually annotated. I do remember some of the thought process that went into it but I won’t elaborate here. The main reason I picked this name is that of all the ones I could think of, the combination of these two words looked best as one: casuallyannotated. Having the second word begin with a vow is always tricky, but I think the eyes can still easily separated them before the brain makes too many unrelated connections.