(Practice) Diary: Just not feeling it

For the second time this week I spent a perfectly good evening at home not practicing.

I haven’t done that (not practicing for no reason) since I started my 100 Days of Practice challenge, and prior to the challenge I rarely did it to begin with.

There were several reasons:

  • I’ve been very tired lately. I would go home and immediately take a nap. The hours between 6 and 9 pm are precious time to squeeze in dinner, cello, and violin, and a nap usually means not doing one of those three things.
  • I’ve been unmotivated / procrastinating. There is a cello etude I do not want to practice, and all my violin stuff just doesn’t bring any excitement. Which is ironic because both of these things should theoretically mean more practice (to nail down the etude and to have all the violin things perfected so I can move on to something else after the next lesson).

And today is especially strange. I have a cello and a violin lesson tomorrow, and somehow I just decided to not do any practice and was okay with my choice (I’m not even panicking about my lessons tomorrow; look my hands aren’t shaking… yet). This has almost never happened. But I’m just not feeling it.

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